How To Dress Depending On Your Body Shape

You do not need to have model body. If you know how to choose your clothes, depending on body shape, then you can be confident that you will feel very good about yourself. Many women choose their clothes very wrong, and most of the time disadvantage them.

If you are aware and accept what is your body shape and you dress properly for your body shape, you will always look good and feel better and confident. In this article you will find out how to dress properly depending on your body shape.

  1. Apple shape

If you have an apple-shaped body, you should wear clothes that distract the eye from the waist. You can wear dress or top that starts under the breasts, with a neckline that attract attention. Avoid jackets to two rows of buttons and or very large tops. Choose to wear a tunic. Skinny jeans are not a brilliant idea. Replace them with flared pants or jeans. If you want to wear belt, do not put it around the waist. Choose one that put it right under the bust, to minimize the size.

2. Pear shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, you should wear clothes that highlight your shoulders and balance the silhouette. You can wear scarves, shawls, oversized necklaces, all very colorful. You should have shirts and tops with puffed sleeves. Avoid tight pants, short skirts or the pencil skirts. Choose instead of these, some slightly flared trousers and skirts in the form of A. Regarding the colors, opt for dark shades in the bottom and pastel colors in the top.

3. Rectangle shape

If your body is rectangle shaped, you should wear some clothes that will mask the fact that you don’t have form. You can wear belt on the closest area from waist. A dress or top that starts under the breasts or a large dress are perfect choices. You can also wear tops that ends in mid hips and accentuate your shoulders. Try wearing clothes that create the illusion of an hourglass body.

4. Clepsydra shape

If you have a clepsydra body shape wear clothes that accentuate your forms and draw attention to the waist. Avoid wearing large clothes, bustiers and bras that support your breasts well. Are indicated dresses and tops with v-shaped, with neckline, and pencil skirts.