8 Places where you can get viruses and contagious diseases

We all choose to spend a few hours a day in the city. Whether we go to a bar, restaurant, movie or swimming pool, these places are full of dangers. The objects that surround you are touched daily by dozens of people and become a source of microbes. Here are the places where you can get viruses and contagious diseases:

For example, the dirtiest thing in a restaurant is the menu. Then other items like salt or pepper recipients. Oliviera is also a dirty thing that attracts microbes. There are very few places that clean these items at least once a day.


Besides the menu, a study published by ABC News mentioned that salt cellar has over 11,500 bacteria. In this category are also the other recipients like those for pepper, vinegar, oil etc.

Door handle

Every public local has microbes on the door handles on every door. They are as dirty as the bus bar. To avoid infection with viruses and bacteria, such as buccal candidiasis, it’s recommended to wash your hands immediately and not to eat food with dirty hands.


In the absence of proper disinfection, visitors can contact eczema and venereological diseases like trichomonas. Oral candidiasis may occur to those who have swallowed water from an unproperly disinfected pool.

Animals on the street

They can transmit respiratory infections in humans, cutaneous infections (rashes) or rabies virus (by bite). If you have been bitten, you must present yourself at the emergency room for anti-rabies and anti-tetanus vaccines. If you experience symptoms such as skin itching or cutaneous irritation, you should see your doctor.

Dishwashing sponge

Contains more microbes and bacteria than a restaurant menu. One study showed that a sponge contains 362 different species of bacteria. After each wash, the sponge has to be dried. Water multiplies bacteria. The sponge can also be washed in the dishwasher, and the shower sponge must be air-dried after each wash.

Computer keyboard 

Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis A virus, and mycosis can affect people that consume food while writing on the computer. Regularly wipe with antibacterial napkins, the keyboard, mobile phone and remote control.

Public toilets

Sometimes we have to use them. Choose only clean toilets and use paper or wet napkins for handles. Don’t use toilet paper from a public toilet. Viruses also spreads through air. You can get diseases such as Hepatitis A, cold virus, venereal diseases, dermatological diseases, E. coli, etc. It’s mandatory to wash your hands with water and soap before and after using the toilet.

Cosmetic testers

Avoid using unwrapped products touched by a few dozen people before you. Better ask for individually packaged samples.