7 Signs that you are not ready to have a baby

Becoming a mother because “this is the role of women” or following the pressure of family and society is wrong; it would not be right for you or for your child. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a mother but you’re not sure if you’re ready or not, here are some signs that might not be such a good idea.

You can’t imagine a life where you can’t do what you want, when you want
Some people might call you selfish, but your needs and desires are important and you should consider them. Once you become a parent, your freedom will be slightly limited, especially when the child is little. Sometimes this selfishness can even be healthy for your future child! For example, traveling the world can help you get to know yourself better and grow, and if you want to evolve your career this will only have positive consequences.

Once you become a parent, you will love your child unconditionally and will be happy to take care of him and raise him. But don’t forget that there are many parents who regret that they can’t go on vacation any time they want, can’t spend much time with friends playing board games or many more. Allow yourself to “live your life” without feeling guilty about not becoming a mother at this moment.

You can’t put money aside
Kids cost a lot, it’s no surprise here. Only clothes, diapers, food and toys cost a fortune, not to mention courses, colleges and more. A child who lacks the things that his friends have will not always be happy. If you can’t put money aside, you’re probably not ready to have a child yet. In general, specialists think that you should have savings equal to your 3 salaries.

The relationship with the partner is not ideal
No relationship is perfect, but you and your partner should understand each other very well if you want to have a baby. Sure, there are situations when parents get divorced at one point, but it’s not good to take this important step if you don’t already understand each other. And by no means, don’t make a child to save your relationship!

You don’t want anyone to need you
Many people love to know that someone needs them, while for others this idea is not at all enjoyable. A child will need you hour after hour, day after day. If this doesn’t excite you, you will be constantly stressed and frustrated if you become a mother.

You don’t feel fulfilled
… and you hope that if you become a mother, everything will change. A child shouldn’t be a tool to make you feel better about yourself. On the contrary, you should make sure you are fulfilled before making the decision to become a mother.

You don’t like being authoritarian
Any woman likes the idea that she and her child are best friends and there are never any disputes, but this is rarely the case. In reality, you will need to be authoritarian, at least if you don’t want a disobedient and angry child. Surely you noticed in the parks or in the malls the parents with children who annoy everyone around and you thought “those people are not going to educate a child!”

You can’t live without peace
Many people need quiet moments where they can relax on their own. Moments not to see anyone, not to talk to anyone. And if such moments cannot often be enjoyed, mental health is severely affected. If you are also part of this category, growing a child while maintaining your health can be very difficult.

Signs that you are not ready to become a mother