5 Things that Destroy your Manicure

Maintaining your manicure in a good shape for a long time can be a challenge, either if you do your manicure at home or at a professional beauty salon. This situation is caused by an active lifestyle which involves numerous daily activities, such as cleaning, or by other beauty products, whose ingredients interact with your nail polish. A damaged manicure is both annoying and inaesthetic. Moreover, in some cases it can be fixed only when you reach the beauty salon again.

Here is a list of five more or less surprising products and situations you should avoid or be careful with if you would like to have a long-lasting manicure:

5 Things that Destroy your Manicure

 1. Household Cleaning Products

Mainly because of their ingredients, many products used for household cleaning may have a negative impact not only on your manicure, but on your nails as well. Therefore it is very important to wear protective gloves every time you are busy cleaning your home and washing the dishes.

2. Hot Baths

Hot water and nail polish do not make a good team. Hot water increases the possibility of your manicure getting damaged. The time spent in the water also matters. The longer you stay in the bathtub, the faster your nail polish disintegrates. As a result, try taking showers instead of long baths.

3. Stroking your Hair

As your nails are quite sensitive after taking a bath, stroking your hair when it’s wet can damage your manicure. Therefore, it is recommended to use a comb instead of your fingers.

4. Hair Fixative

Hair fixatives usually contain alcohol and substances that can rapidly damage your nail polish. Carefully apply the hair fixative, trying to avoid its contact with your nails. You can also use an alcohol-free hair fixative.

5. Beach Lotions

Although it may sound strange, beach lotions can have the power of dissolving your nail polish. The ingredients contained by many beach lotions may affect the structure of your nail enamel which unfortunately softens and can be easily removed afterwards. You should try applying beach lotions using your fingers and palms, avoiding the contact with your nails. 

5 Things that Destroy your Manicure