5 Signs you should change your deodorant

Before choosing an anti-perspiration product from the armpit area, you need to know exactly what your needs are, to make sure you will enjoy a perfect product. Here are 5 signs you should change your deodorant.

So, if you want to remove the unpleasant odor you will need a deodorant that will kill the bacteria from the surface of the skin. Instead, if your problem is excessive sweating, then it is advisable to look for an effective antiperspirant that inhibits the secretion of the sweat glands.

But how do you realize the time has come to choose another deodorant?

1. Sweat stains are bigger and thicker
Did you notice that shortly after applying the deodorant, the first spots of perspiration appeared? They are becoming bigger and they quickly get a disturbing odor? This is the first sign that you have to choose another product, because the old one no longer works effectively. The deodorant you use no longer protects your skin and may even leave unpleasant marks on the delicate materials of the clothes you wear daily.

2. Unpleasant smell
The deodorant you already use helps you keep the sweat stains away, but you noticed, however, that the armpit area has a very unpleasant odor. This is a sign that you should try another product. The sweat is colorless and odorless, but it has a specific odor once it has reached the surface of the skin and comes into contact with the existing bacteria on the armpit. Also added to this is the pH of the epidermis, which may react differently to certain deodorant compounds.

3. Itching
You certainly think that nothing can happen to the skin in the armpit area because you have been using the same deodorant for years that never disappointed you. If you have an itching sensation shortly after applying the deodorant, this is another sign that you should change your deodorant. Itching is a sign of a possible allergic reaction, which is why you shouldn’t ignore.

4. Irritation
Another sign that you are dealing with an allergy to deodorant is an irritation, manifested by redness and even the appearance of sores. Moreover, it is also clear that the area of ​​the armpit is a suitable environment (wet and warm) for the development of bacteria, so that if you deal with a minor form of irritation, chances are that it will evolve are big. If you notice that the irritation occurs after you have used the deodorant, you must change the product you currently have.

5. Unknown ingredients on the label
Do you get used to reading the label of all products because you want to know what comes in contact with your body? We advise you to analyze the label of the product you use and to check how many ingredients you know. You will see that soon you will make the decision to choose another product.

Change your deodorant