5 Genius Tricks To Make Yourself Wake Up Earlier

Some people wake up in the morning fresh and full of energy. Do you find this impossible? Other people get out of bed after the fifth alarm. Are you this kind of person?

If you’re not a morning person, then surely the morning is not your favourite the time of day. Especially when you tend to sleep late, even if you know you have to wake up very early next day, waking up early in the morning it seems almost impossible. And when you look at people who are full of energy and they manage to start their day with a smile, you ask yourself what you could do to be in their place. Fortunately, mornings can be improved considerably if you keep in mind some great advices. Here’s what you can do:

1. Wake up with a great coffee like in a professional coffee shop

Coffee has many benefits for the body, especially if you drink it in the morning. People who love coffee know how much can help if you wake up in a house that smells of freshly brewed coffee. Besides helping you to start the day easier, is easier to motivate yourself to get out of bed when you know that you expect a delicious and aromatic coffee in the kitchen.

2. Leave the curtains or blinds open

The first signal that the body receives that is time to wake up is given by the natural light. This slows the secretion of melatonin and gives you a little boost of adrenaline that helps you wake up more easily. So, if you leave the curtains and blinds open, when the alarm starts, you will have your eyes almost open.

3. For more energy, wake-up 15 minutes earlier than you should

If you set the alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than you should, you won’t hurry and you won’t experience anymore those unpleasant feelings of a suddenly wake up. Take some time to start the morning slowly, in your rhythm.

4. Make some stretching exercises 

Is is very recommend to make some sport in the morning. When you stretch the muscles, you release the tension accumulated during sleep and the numb feeling that you have when you get out of bed.

5. Little sugar in the morning can improve memory

Overly consumed, sugar has a harmful effect on the body. But researchers at the University of Virginia have done tests on the memory of people aged between 60 and 80 years and found that those who taking a small dose of sugar in the morning have a better memory, on long term.