5 Feng Shui tips for money and prosperity

It may seem hard to believe that moving things from home or office, according to feng shui art, can help you earn more money. Everything you see, touch and live day by day have one energy vibration that interacts with your energy vibration and deeply influences it. And, beyond anything, money is energy. And energy needs to flow.

When energy flows in home and office, then money comes easy to you, which means you have a healthy financial state.

Here are 5 Feng Shui tips for your financial abundance.

1. Repair any leakage

In feng shui water means two things: money and emotions. In both cases, it’s about circulation. And if you have problems with the leakage from the sink or water penetrate the ceiling, do everything that it’s possible to solve these problems. When you fix something in your home, you fix something in your life. You don’t want the money to get out of your life, do you?

2. Put the lid on the toilet

The toilet loses energy through spiraling when you flush the water. When you put the lid on the toilet you protect the energy from leaving your home. Again, by analogy with water, this is very important. Is a good idea to tie red ribbons to the pipe behind the toilet to protect your finances.

3. Keep order at the entrance of your home

The entrance of your home is very important. When it’s attractive and arranged, you’ll notice the opportunities “knock you” on the door. Make sure the ringer works so you can hear the “opportunities” when looking for you. Also, the number on the door must be very visible so the positive energy to found you.

4. Take into consideration the symbolism

If you know where the money area and prosperity are in your home according to Feng Shui principles you have an advantage. According to the Tibetan School of Feng Shui, it’s located in the southern area of ​​the house. Is it dusty and messy? So, there is a chance that your finances are the same. Do you keep in that area green and healthy plants? Then your finances are growing. Arrange this area very well, consider decorating it with fountains or anything else that is abundant for you.

5. Clean the cooker
In Feng Shui the cooker means abundance and prosperity. Make sure it is clean and you use all cooker hobs, representing multiple channels open to opportunities.