4 Things to know before buying your child a smartphone

Parents say they are buying smartphones to their children to communicate with them more easily. Mobile phones are now accessible to any family. And their usefulness is obvious. Here are some things to know before buying your child a smartphone.

The child who leaves with friends in the city or returns alone from school can immediately contact his parents, in case of emergency, and can be contacted by parents, if they want to know where he is or what he is doing.

But access to a smartphone also means exposing the little one to many dangers, from the phenomenon of “online bullying” or harassment, to contacting dangerous people, on social networks. Here’s what you need to know before you get a smartphone for your child:

Pre-pay card phones are safer

Especially at an early age, children are not aware of the responsibility that comes with a mobile phone. They must be careful not to lose it and not to fall into the trap of paying for games or applications.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a phone with a pre-pay card, which you can charge in a few seconds, choosing the amount you consider appropriate. In addition, there are now many options with unlimited minutes and messages on the network, at affordable prices, so you have no problem that the little one will not be able to contact you in case something happens.

Make sure the phone has parental control

Now there are many applications that allow you to configure the smartphone’s permissions and restrict the access to information that you don’t think is right for your children. The Internet can be a dangerous place for children, and little ones are always curious to learn more about prohibited or taboo topics. Therefore, you must restrict access to sites with violent, pornographic or shocking content.

Social networks can be a trap for children

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, are not suitable for children under 14 years. If, however, you allow your child to create accounts on these networks, it is advisable to supervise all his activity: with whom he talks, with whom he has become friends, what messages or comments he receives. Educate your child not to talk to strangers and not provide them any information, especially about the home address or school at which they are learning.

Set the rules of use together

Some parents completely give their children a smartphone, while others allow them to use it only when they are not at home. Psychologists recommend that these conditions in which the child will be allowed to use the phone should be established in advance.

Also, your child should know that he is not allowed to use it at school, during school hours, during lunch or before bed. One of the arguments frequently invoked by children to receive a mobile phone is that all their colleagues already have one. As a parent, however, you will have to explain to them that the rules you set together shouldn’t be violated, just because the other children disregard them.

Things to know before buying your child a cell phone