The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Not Born For Marriage

The character of a person is very influenced by their zodiacal sign, and while it is not a rule that they are leading their life according to the stars, chances are, in some parts of their life, they are following certain patterns. There are 3 sings that are more inclined to live an independent life and avoid marriage for a while.

It is not for sure they will never get married, but will take their time and find the most suitable partner for this step.

Read on about the signs that don’t dream about marriage on a daily basis.


Gemini are constantly worried about their feelings, especially about the feelings that might change once married. This is why they are avoiding the marriage time as much as possible. Other times, they may think marriage could be fun. They know it is rather difficult to live with one person for the rest of their lives, and start thinking about divorce.


Marriage means a total loss of independence for Sagittarius. They even fear losing themselves. They are the kind of people that are independent and have lots of no strings attached relationships. He wants to focus on his own person and needs and leaves the marriage thoughts for later in life. Enjoying romantic adventures, the natives of this sign like to experiment love with their best friend instead of finding themselves a partner.


Aquarius hates the idea of marriage because he is afraid of the pain. It is rather impossible for them to open up to people and chances are he does not feel like taking the leap and doing the big step too soon.

He likes his independence and taking care of himself. At the same time he is often worried of not being able to find a partner to match his emotional needs.