3 Fast Remedies to Treat Puffy Eyes

You wake-up and look more tired than you were before you go to sleep? It is very often to wake up in the morning and have puffy eyes, with no specific reason. The reason of apparition of under eyes bags can be the most varied: fatigue, pregnancy, dermatitis, certain medications, food too salty, allergies, chronic sinusitis, and genetics inheritance.

Puffy eyes  can be enhanced with natural treatments, but their total disappearance is impossible in many cases. In this article you will find some remedies that will help you to treat puffy eyes. One reason of puffy eyes is, according to experts, the natural aging process.

Experts say there is a normal amount of fat in the area under the eyes, which is held in place by ligaments. With aging, these ligaments become lax and unwinds, allowing fat under the eyes to appear to the skin surface, forming bags under the eyes.

Fast Remedies to Treat Puffy Eyes

1. Apply cold potato slices under your eyes – Potatoes help to reduce the inflammation and are very effective when it comes to puffy eyes. When you wake up, place under your eyes cold potato slices. You will see that your eyes will look better.

2. Cucumber slices make wonders – Beside they are calming and reduce the puffy eyes, cucumber slices also moisturize the skin, reduce dark eyes and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Try to prepare every night natural masks based on cucumber, and apply every morning cucumber slices under your eyes.

3. Used tea bags – Don’t trash the tea bags, not matter if is green, black or chamomile tea. Put them in the freezer. Apply them on the puffy eyes and will notice that the bags under the eyes will disappear. 

3 Fast Remedies to Treat Puffy Eyes