20 Signs That Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins

The liver is the most stressed organ in our body. Fortunately, it naturally eliminates the accumulated toxins, but there are situations when it needs a little “help”, especially if you are accustomed to eating fatty foods or consuming a lot of alcohol.

A detoxifying cure is necessary after the periods in which we have abused foods rich in fat and sugar, but there are also some signs that may indicate that your liver needs a break.

Here are the 20 main symptoms that show that your liver is full of toxins:

– Chronic fatigue;
– Negativism;
– Letargia;
– Generalized headaches;
– Migraines located behind the eyeballs;
– Excessive sweating;
– Allergies;
– Acne or other dermatological conditions;
– Bloating;
– Flatulence;
– Abdominal pain;
– Constipation;
– Diarrhea;
– Hormonal imbalances;
– Anxiety;
– Depression;
– Chronic joints pain or muscle pain;
– Increased sensitivity to certain odors;
– Bad breath;
– Weight gain.

How can you regenerate your liver
Even if these symptoms don’t have so many things in common, if you confront at the same time with more than three of them, it’s obvious that your liver is suffering and you have to take action. The good news is that if you act in time, your liver will regenerate, regaining its essential function shortly.

Once you realize that you have a liver problem, try to change your lifestyle and follow these tips:

  • Buy organic food and avoid genetically modified foods
  • Adopt a balanced diet, rich in proteins (both animal and vegetable), whole grains, fermented foods, healthy fats, nuts and seeds
  • Avoid less healthy oils such as corn, sunflower or canola oils
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day
  • Consume foods rich in healthy fats: coconut oil, butter, avocado
  • Ensure your fiber intake: chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, broccoli, Brussels sprouts
  • Quit consuming refined white or brown sugar and sweetened carbonated drinks
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption