Beauty Tips – 10 Tips For the Mind and Body

The following tips cover some of the basics to get you off to a good start the first three look at some foundation principles.

1. Clarity- know what you want for yourself otherwise how do you know that you are getting there? Live in the question “what do I want?” Consider putting together a vision board to help start the process and put it somewhere prominent where you will see it every day to keep you focused on what you want.

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips

2. Get Honest - be real with yourself, as hard as it is to take a look at ourselves, first really acknowledge what isn’t working (and you don’t have to share this with anyone) journaling is often a good way for some to get things out. I personally feel journaling is a chore but what I sometimes find helpful is just to write and write – this is called automatic writing and it allows your unconscious mind to access deep insights, feelings, wants and needs and can be therapeutic. Other things I find helpful are talking things out with people who are skilled listeners. Sometimes we just want to be heard and understood – not given advice or others experiences and someone not involved often can see more clearly.

3. Identify changes you want to make- so if you know what you want what are you currently doing that doesn’t fit with that? Take a look at those things, either emotional, physical and decide what isn’t serving you anymore and consider removing these from your life. Or if you need help seek it out. Sometimes this can feel a bit overwhelming so to help with this start with the most important and forget the rest for now. Be in a place of trusting yourself, that you will find what you need and have clear intention about what kind of help you want. Once you are clear start taking some action and you might be surprised what starts showing up in your life to support you (eg. Do some research, look on the internet, speak with friends, maybe go to your local bookshop and check out some of the shelves, follow up on hunches and feelings that you have had.

4. Getting unstuck- whenever we feel stuck, it reflects back in our life. It creates a stagnant energy and sometimes changing things can feel daunting or just plain too much like hard work. So consider clearing out any physical, emotional clutter you might have. When I feel like this I often take a look at what my body is telling me and if it is out of synch then I had better pay attention. A detox, bowel cleanse or juice fast are a few choices. Even just going to have a colonic irrigation can help to unblock things literally, you will feel lighter, probably more energy and your thinking will be clearer, plus you will be giving your digestion a boost. Clearing out physical clutter is also another way to move more vibrancy and energy into your life, how about chucking out those old clothes, or that pile of paperwork or magazines that you never get round to reading but keep staring up at you. Sometimes it is just about starting with something small and it often builds momentum, you may not have it all figured out but start anyway.

5. Time for TLC - self care is a cornerstone activity that often slides when life gets busy. All those demands, too little time often means we get lost in the rush to achieve and get things done. Try to carve our sometime for yourself even if it is just an hour a week. Use that time to decompress and decide how to reschedule things so that you can give yourself more me time and get some of the focus back onto you and what is important. Think about scheduling activities well ahead that you keep putting off e.g. weekend away, bubble bath, massage, spending time with a good friend.

6. Check what you are putting in your body and mind: how about giving yourself a break from the doom and gloom, avoid all negative media for a least a week and see how that feels, that includes TV, radio, internet and unnecessary emails and phone calls. Remove as much junk food from your meals (this is not a diet just take out the rubbish) and see how you feel, commit to snacking on e.g. fruit you actually like between meals – if apples are boring then buy e.g. strawberries if that is what you REALLY enjoy why make it tough.

7. Get inspired - commit to getting some fresh air out in the open a least a few times a week. Every day might be a stretch. Look at it as a time for you, and maybe your partner – oxygen helps to clear our minds and feeds the brain, a change of scenery often provides inspiration and new ideas and energy. Consider what you are passionate about and start journaling your ideas about it. It’s not about adding to your to do list, just getting in contact with more of what motivates and enriches your life.

8. De-Stress - one really useful way to physically de-stress is to increase your magnesium and B vitamins levels. A large part of the population is deficient in magnesium and this is one reason why women in particular crave chocolate (apart from the sugary high and other properties that create good sensations for us) as chocolate contains it. If you want chocolate then buy the best and highest quality cocoa % dark chocolate. Magnesium also helps to improve sleep and therefore it is better taken later in the day, make sure you are taking the most absorbable form though. B vitamins are often depleted with stress so topping these with a B complex can help with a sense of coping better.

9. Start with easy things- every morning first thing I have a cup of hot water and lemon juice. This helps my digestion, keeps me regular, and helps the body stay alkaline. When our bodies are acidic, and lots of things produce this e.g. red meat, alcohol, junk foods, stress, it makes it hard for our bodies to work efficiently as it wants to be in balance, so give it a good start. The more alkaline we are the less weight we are likely to carry. Fat is often stored to protect vital organs and activity from acidic conditions and toxins.

10. Celebrate the ordinary - being grateful for the small achievements can be powerful. Celebrate the ordinary things that you achieve. Here is a small example, I had been meaning to update my driving licence for (dare I say many years) this was due to moving house many times. I recently applied for it, which took quite a bit of paperwork because some of my ID was missing and needed confirming due to it being previously lost by another organisation. This tiny little thing had been at the back of my mind for a long time, when it finally arrived it felt SO good! I know, I know I’m easily pleased. But I wonder what you are carrying around too? When I spoke with my friend about it we both acknowledged that celebrating the ordinary is an important building block for how we feel about ourselves day to day. I invite you to consider what you are celebrating in your life about yourself?

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