3 Styling Ideas For CURLY HAIR

For many women to have a curly hair means a headache, because it is very hard to styling it and need more attention than a straight hair. Curly hair is difficult to maintain,  become rebels immediately and haircuts are a hard choice. Nevertheless, there are solutions on how to style curly hair.

In this article you will find 3 great styling ideas for curly hair that will help you to  always have an enviable hairstyle. With attention and information, curly hair  curly can proclaim its right of master in beauty.

No matter what is the hair length, if you have curly hair you need to use conditioner every time you wash your hair. It is also important to use products that contain olive oil, coconut oil or other ingredients highly hydrating.

Victorian style ( for long hair): See image

1. Slowly comb you hair on the back and catch the fringe using a barrette

2. Grab the hair from the temples and twist it slightly. Unites the two strands, the right and left  one and catch them with a hair tong

3. Grab the hair from the ear and follow the same procedure as the step 2

4. Repeat again the action with the hair from the neck base.

5. Optionally, you can apply fixative.

Greek style (for any length hair) : See image

1. Randomly, catch strands of hair of maximum 2 cm width. Fix them on the head using hair pins

2. If you have short hair, you can curler to provide more volume

3. Put a headband on your head, closer to the forehead, no more than 3 cm of hairline

Vintage style ( for short, medium hair): See image

1. Wash your hair, apply a conditioner and leave it to dry naturally

2. When it is almost dried, use a curler to dry your hair and leave it natural at ends like in the image.