Use THIS Mixture For Fast Eyelashes Growth

Every woman desire long eyelashes for a beautiful look. Unfortunately, the eyelashes regenerate hard, and their growth lasts between 30 and 45 days. Once grown, they will protect the eye for 120 days, after which regeneration will begin again.

Fortunately, there are small tricks that help you eyelashes to grow faster

Castor oil and egg mixture – put a little egg white into a pipette. Take half a teaspoon of castor oil, add two drops of egg white and mix well.

Using a brush (you can use a brush from an older, well-hygienized mascara), apply this mixture on your eyelashes. The amount will be enough for 3-4 applications. This mask will help in a healthy hair growth and will strengthen the hairline. Leave it 20 minutes to act and rinse with lukewarm water.

Oils rich in vitamin E – olive oil, castor oil and almond oil are rich in vitamin E, which helps to strengthen the hair. Applying these oils to the eyelashes will help the eyelashes to grow healthier. Apply them before going to sleep, with care, to avoid getting into the eyes, and let it work until morning, then remove it with an eye cleanser.

Eating is also important when it comes the health of our hair (also eyelashes, eyebrows etc)

A good, healthy, balanced diet will help you to have a beautiful hair, but also spectacular eyebrows and eyebrows. Don’t exclude from your diet:
Vitamins – Vitamins A, C, E and B are vital. The first three are found in orange, yellow and vegetables and citrus . Vitamin B is found in cereals.
Minerals – Dairy products are rich in calcium and iodine, red meat in iron, green foods in magnesium, broccoli in selenium.
Omega 3 fatty acids – salmon, tuna, sardines