Why it’s important to read to babies and infants

Reading has undeniable benefits, especially for children. But until the child can read by himself, it is important to read to him, in order to help him love this habit. Below are the most important reasons why we should read to babies and infants.

It encourages the thirst for knowledge
Books contain a wealth of information on topics and cultures that little ones don’t know yet. In addition, the variety of books you can read is very large, so you will be fascinated by how many interesting and different things they will find out. Thus, he will want to know more and more, and his general culture will grow beautifully.

It represents exercises for the brain
You certainly encourage the little one to move, whether it’s playing with friends or joining a sport. But what about the exercises for the brain? Reading is the best way to help the little one to make connections between words and visual thinking, to understand the narrative,  to learn new words and form their opinions.

Improving vocabulary
In everyday life we ​​generally use the same words, so books are a good way to learn some new ones. And the good part is that the little one will automatically learn words and expressions, in a pleasant way.

It grows empathy
Children haven’t yet experienced certain experiences, so it is harder for them to understand the world and empathize. Therefore, they will replace the characters in the books and manage to empathize better with other people.

Improving concentration
Concentration is a very important skill that will help the child a lot in the future, and reading a book (or listening to it) will teach him how to focus on a task for a certain period of time.

Improves creativity and imagination
When we read, we create an image in our minds; descriptions allow us to imagine things and situations that were previously unknown. Thus, creativity and imagination, important skills at any age, are enhanced.

Benefits of reading to your baby