Tricks to get back into shape after giving birth

Doctors warn of the following: it is not advisable to resort to a drastic diet or excessive exercise in order to quickly regain your body before pregnancy. These steps are even more contraindicated if you gave birth with a cesarean section or had a difficult natural birth.

For optimal recovery, it is advisable to wait at least 6 weeks until you begin a regular exercise program. To be sure it is the right time, don’t start doing this until you see a doctor.

Here are some tips to get back into shape after giving birth

Rely on outdoor movement
To get rid of your extra pounds gradually and healthy, you don’t have to force yourself with hard exercise. It will be sufficient to constantly move, making a progressive physical effort. In addition, you should know that, in order to prepare your body for birth, your body has secreted the relaxin hormone (synthesized by the placenta, so that your muscles, joints, and bones are more relaxed at birth). Your bones and joints will still be fragile for several weeks after you gave birth. In these conditions, you will be more susceptible to accidents, so be careful about the type of physical activity you will perform.

Get involved in physical exercises with the baby
Whenever you can, take your little one with you when you perform certain exercises. For example, you can place him on a gym ball, on a yoga mat or you will simply try to involve him in certain exercises that you will do.

Hydration is very important
One of the simplest ways you can get back into shape is to drink as much water as possible. This way, you will burn fat faster, eliminate toxins and ensure a firmer and more beautiful skin.

Adopt a healthy diet
Thanks to healthy aliments, you will be able to naturally eliminate the extra pounds without starving yourself and depriving yourself of valuable nutrients.

In order to have a balanced diet, you should follow the tips below:
• Never skip breakfast
• Include as many fiber foods in your diet
• As much as possible, consume 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day
• Don’t avoid consuming healthy carbohydrate products, such as: whole rice, whole pasta, sweet potatoes, etc.
• Choose healthy fats and high-quality protein
• Run away from foods high in sugar and fat

Go to a massage with natural oils
These massages have the role of helping the skin to regenerate itself, giving it more tone. Their ability to act for this purpose is generated by antioxidants and other components with anti-inflammatory properties. For example, almond oil is ideal if you want to get rid of stretch marks and have firmer skin.

Also, coconut, jojoba, argan or avocado oils are also effective to stretch the skin and to give the body more firm contours. For added flavor and benefits, any of them can be blended with essential oils.

Don’t forget about wraps around problematic areas
Wraps are useful to get back into shape as it detoxifies the skin, gives it more firmness and leaves it smoother. Ingredients that shouldn’t miss from wraps (which you can make at home or in specialized centers) include:
• sea salt
• clay
• algae
• different minerals
• nourishing oils.

Shape your body after pregnancy