THIS Recipe Will Make Your Hair Grow 2 Times Faster

Both men and women can experience the unpleasant hair loss at different stages of life. On the market are different products for hair growing, but most of them are very expensive and without results. This simple recipe can be extremely helpful in relieving hair loss.

Beside fighting against hair loss, this recipe has another great effect: your hair will grow 2 times faster than normally.

The main ingredient is onion. Onions demonstrated over time their increased hair regeneration capabilities and making it grow faster. Dermatologists testify that in reality there are no side effects for this remedy, but it just might not work as well as you hoped. Red onion is rich in sulfur, which is very important for hair growth. Red onion juice helps to improve blood circulation, so it’s recommended to prevent hair loss.

All you have to do to prepare the recipe is to clean and slice two onions and then squeeze them into a regular juicer. Add a tablespoon of honey in this juice and mix well. Then,  simply massage the juice on the scalp, allowing it to act between half an hour and an hour. The smell will not be the most enjoyable, but the final results are absolutely stunning.
Take a try and see how it works! We would love to get messages with the results.