This is why you should never cover the baby stroller

During the summer and especially during the days with very high temperatures, everyone knows not to leave their child in the car in the sun, not even for 2 minutes. But this is not the only mistake of this type!

Look how many parents risk the health of their children when they go out with the stroller, without even knowing it.

Covering the stroller, even with a thin veil, can generate a very dangerous greenhouse effect, some Swedish researchers have established.

This simple gesture, covering the stroller in which the child stays, can increase the temperature of the stroller at very dangerous temperatures.

Why it is dangerous to cover the baby stroller
Following an experiment by a Swedish publication, here are the resulting temperatures:

Without covering the baby’s stroller: The temperature of the stroller left outside, in the heat: 22 Celsius degrees.

The trolley covered with a thin veil: in 30 minutes, the temperature reached 34 Celsius degrees. After an hour, the temperature goes to 37 Celsius degrees.

The danger is very great, especially in the case of very young children, who cannot regulate their body temperature yet.

Thus, the baby risks making a strong insolation, which can result in symptoms such as:

  • overheating
  • redness, warming and drying of the skin
  • pulse acceleration
  • lethargy
  • accelerated breathing
  • vomiting
  • loss of consciousness

How to avoid insolation in babies on hot days:

1. Dress the baby lightly in cotton clothing
2. Try to keep your baby in the shade for as long as possible
3. Give it more fluids than usual to keep it hydrated.
4. If the outside is exaggerated hot, avoid going out with your baby between 11 am and 4 pm.

Never cover the baby stoller