Things That Your Eyes Say About Your Brain

The eyes are the windows of the soul … or brain, if we consider the latest findings reported in the American journal Psychological Science. Our body transmit us many information about health. In this article you will read about things that your eyes say about your brain.

It seems that blood vessels from the eye can tell a lot about your health. Previous studies have made a connection between the size of the blood vessels from the eye and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or dementia, but all studies were conducted with older people.

In this study, however, were attended young people and even children. So here’s the conclusions:

People who have the eyes invaded by blood vessels have lower results at tests of logic. “The blood vessels in the eye are similar to the blood vessels found in the brain. They have the same size, same design and same functions. In addition, they developed the same cell type, “said dr. Idan Shalev, who led the study.

What to do? You should go to see an ophthalmologist. Even if you have a good eyesight, blood vessels in the eye can be a warning regarding cardiovascular diseases. Make analyzes and regularly go to the doctor, in this way you can detect early changes that normally are discovered too late and are harder to treat.