The reason you should drink warm water on the empty stomach

We already know how important is to properly hydrate ourselves daily. You have probably heard that a glass of water on the empty stomach brings many benefits to the body. Did you ask yourself what temperature should this water have?

Tibetan monks believe that water consumed on the empty stomach should be warm. More precisely, to be around 40 degrees Celsius (you shouldn’t drink boiled water because can burn stomach walls and cause damages to the body). They think it does much better for the body than cold water from the refrigerator.

Cold water consumption shocks the body and destroys the harmony inside the human body. Tibetans say that although cold water can help to lose calories, the damage caused by it is greater than the benefits. Warm water, on the other hand, helps alleviate many affections and problems.

Consuming at least one or two glasses of wram water each morning, we can improve the quality of the skin and solve certain dermatological problems. This procedure is especially recommended for people who have an oily skin.

Migraines, high blood pressure and obesity can also be positively affected by drinking warm water on the empty stomach.

Tibetan monks recommend to men to drink about three and a half liters of water, and to women around two and a half liters. Of course, quantities must be calculated for each body, so there is no generally valid rule.

It’s important to ask your doctor if you suffer from certain serious conditions before using for this trick!