The air freshener that reduces car accidents

Car air fresheners can reduce the number of accidents, say scientists. Let’s see which air freshener reduces the risk of accidents.

It may sound strange, but using a smell of roses in the car could reduce the risk of accidents by nearly 65%, while other odors could increase this risk, according to a study made by Sussex University.

Scientists have found that smells have a significant impact on how a driver reacts to the danger.

Here is the car air freshener reduces the risk of accidents

In order to reach this conclusion, researchers used aromas of various flavors and a car simulator, while a potential danger was approaching. They found that in the case of the smell of roses, the accident rate was 64% lower, while musk flavors increased the number of accidents by 46%.

They used more odors, including rose, lemon and musk. The sense of smell is considered to be the oldest sense, and people react more quickly to odors than to visual or auditory stimuli, say scientists.

But before their theory can be put into practice, this discovery has no practical applications. The odors need to be released into the car before a potential danger arises. And that’s impossible to predict.

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