Rules for bottle-feeding your baby

Your baby eats very well, but unfortunately, you don’t have enough milk. That is why, after you breastfeed him to get his snack, you must urgently pass the bottle. If you delay this step and the pause is too long, you will choose a big scandal.

Be ready and prepare your baby’s milk bottle before placing him at your breast. If you give them to eat directly from the bottle, it is simpler, but:

Never give him a larger quantity of milk than is expected for his age and weight. This amount is communicated by your doctor and is different from one child to another.

The milk shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. To check if it is has the right temperature, pour a few drops on the back of your hand. Don’t give in to drink when the content is too hot or too cold.

Test several types of teats before stopping at one. The variety of teats is very large, because they try to cover as many of the preferences of infants: some babies are better with a harder teat, others with a softer one.

Be careful about how big the hole is through which the milk flows. If it is too big, the baby can drown, and if it is too small, it is possible to get tired before he finishes to suck. Not to mention that he will be annoyed when he discovers that he drank with too little milk.

Make sure that when feeding, the baby should be slightly raised, and the bottle should be slightly inclined, so that the milk covers the mouth of the bottle. If the bottle is too tight and the milk covers only part of the teat, the baby will swallow air and have cramps.

Bottle feeding your baby