How To Lose Weight With Danish Diet

The Danish diet is one of the most effective weight loss treatments. Following the Danish diet you can get rid of 11 pounds in 2 weeks in a healthy way. Danish diet is also known as the Copenhagen Hospital Diet. It’s a rather restrictive diet, and one-day foods can’t exceed 600 kilocalories, that is, a quarter of what the World Health Organization recommends. 

Although it’s restrictive and some criticized Danish specialists who embraced this regime, it has been over the years adapted and allowed more snacks in addition to the 600 kilocalories allowed per one day.

Diet is recommended only to people who are in medical emergency. For example, people who have been diagnosed with morbid obesity should follow this diet.

The Danish diet is followed using your calculator. You should fit in 600 calories in one day. It is absolutely forbidden to cook all kinds of desserts, or to drink acidified and very colorful juices, as well as sweets, especially creamy or syrupy cakes.

If you are not able to follow this diet all the way because the hunger is permanent, you can raise your calories to 800-1000 per day, especially if your need to lose weight is not a medical emergency.

So, under this regime, for 13 days, you can eat turkey, chicken and fish in moderate quantities. Skimmed cheese, low-sugar and whole grain cereals and vegetables are permitted.