How long a brother and sister can share a bedroom?

When they are young it is very fun for the brothers to share the bedroom, even when they are brother and sister. They are so cute when they have pillow fights and play, that parents forget that they grew up and should think of separate bedrooms.

But what is the age at which we should think about this? Boys and girls begin to separate in society from the opposite sex around the age of 5-7. Around this age, they should have different bedrooms.

How do we figure it out? It’s simple. Pillow fights disappear and are replaced by more and more quarrels. The space in the room becomes smaller and the two children seem to not suffer each other. The door to their bathroom or room is locked when one of them changes their clothes. Sometimes they even announce that they no longer want to share the room and they want their own room. This is true for same-sex siblings, the desire for separation also occurs in them, but maybe not so early.

It is important to give them the space they need, to take into account their personalities and their needs.

But what do we do when we don’t have space? We have two options: we move into a multi-room apartment/house – if we have this possibility, or we try to divide the space in that room so we can give them the privacy they need.

Between the beds we can put a screen with drawings with princesses on one side and racing cars on the other. The workspace may remain common, but it is very important for both of them to have their private corner. We must know, however, that that screen protects us only in the next 3-4 years.

It would be good to start early to think about what to do and what changes we can make in the house to have the space we want, because the quarrels between them will not disappear with the passage of time, but will intensify because of the discomfort.

When Should Boys and Girls No Longer Share a Bedroom