How Dangerous Is Blue Light Emitted By Phones

The use of mobile phones, laptops or tablets has become a habit for most people. Even though almost everything is around these digital devices, specialists point out that the blue light emitted by them is very dangerous and can trigger a series of serious illnesses.

New digital devices make life easier for people, and in many cases they help them work, but even if they are useful, researchers have found that their long-term use can greatly affect the health.

How dangerous is the blue light emitted by the phone screen?
Smart phones and digital devices are equipped with screens that emit a blue light.When it comes in contact with the human eye, this light can destroy vision, resulting in loss of visual acuity. Researchers at the University of Toledo in the United States have conducted a study showing the negative effects this light may have on the eye. Specifically, blue light leads to the release of toxic molecules in photoreceptor cells, and this can cause serious vision problems and even loss of it over time.

Experts believe that this blue light has a shorter wavelength and emits more energy, and for this reason it can affect vision.

“We are constantly exposed to blue light, and the eye cornea and the lenses can not lock or reflect it. There is no secret that blue light damages vision by destroying the retina of the eye. Our experiments explain how this happens and we hope it will lead to therapies for slowing macular degeneration, such as a new eye drop, “said Ajith Karunarathne, a professor at Toledo University.

Even if it doesn’t lead to blindness, the blue light emitted by the digital display screens may greatly affect the eyesight. To protect the eyes, people are advised to wear protective glasses that have lenses against blue light, but also against UV rays.