Get rid of swollen feet in 24 hours

Extremely many people face day by day with swollen feet and poor peripheral circulation. Women are particularly affected by this situation, and walking and wearing high heel shoes become a real problem for many of them.

Pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, poor circulation, excessive consumption of salt or processed foods, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and side effects of some medications are the main causes of swollen feet and you need to take immediate action.

Sometimes, during pregnancy or when you sit in the same place for a long period of time, it’s normal for your feet to swell. But if it happens often to your legs, although you are an active person, you may suffer peripheral edema and may be a sign of serious health problems such as kidney, liver or heart disease.

If your legs don’t recover shortly, you should urgently consult your doctor who will send you to make some investigations.

If you occasionally face this problem, then you should use natural remedies prepared from some ingredients that you already have in the kitchen.

Hippocrates himself used this remedy using parsley. It’s usually used in various dishes, but we often leave it aside and don’t eat it.

But this is a big mistake because studies suggest that parsley can prevent and treat various diseases and conditions such as asthma, menstrual pain, allergies, urinary tract problems, digestive disorders and may be beneficial to treat bronchitis, respiratory problems, reduces blood pressure and promotes bone health.

Hippocrates used it in cases of kidney stones, rheumatism and as an antidote for poisons. This spice is an effective diuretic that helps the kidneys to eliminate excess fluids from the body.

A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that parsley acts as a diuretic by inhibiting potassium and sodium, affecting osmosis and increasing urine flow.

A study in Brazil also confirmed that parsley increases the flow of urine and at the same time reduces blood pressure.

Dr. John R. Christopher, an experienced plant specialist, suggests consuming two liters of parsley tea every day to get the best results for swollen feet.
For tea, use fresh parsley leaves as well as queues. Put in hot water and leave for six minutes to infuse. Finally add honey, ginger or lemon to improve the taste. Drink this tea while it’s warm for the best results.