8 Reasons why babies cry

Your baby is crying and you don’t know the cause because you gave him to eat, you changed him and you played with him? You must know that the baby never cries for no reason, so it is certainly a minor thing that bothers him.

1. Is affected by family tensions
Even if there are small contradictions between you and your family, the baby is more affected than you might think by the tone of the discussion, making him crying.

It is recommended that when you are upset and feel the need for a serious discussion, do it in a separate room from the child and even in these conditions you should avoid raising the tone.

2. Changes in your diet if you breastfeed
Normally, after you breastfeed, the baby should be comfortable and even fall asleep. But your baby is agitated and is crying continuously. Why? One answer might be that your diet is not the healthiest. Do you drink hot coffee or cola, eat very spicy? Are you smoking or taking medications for the recent cold? Well, these factors can change the taste and composition of milk and the general condition of the baby.

3. Need for attention, boredom
As he begins to grow, even after the first four months, he observes the environment in which he lives, already has preferences, feels the permanent need of an adult who will encourage him, talk to him, be permanently around him. When he feels that you have other concerns than just standing by him, he starts to cry. From the moment you will give him full attention, he will calm down.

4. It is dressed with too many clothes
Like many other parents, especially if it is cold outside, you tend to dress it much more than necessary, but too many layers of clothing will only cause sweating, suffocation, the inability to move freely, into – in a word, the baby’s discomfort.

5. He is very tired
Some babies get very tired throughout the day, when they are very playful, active, so when the time comes to sleep, they become very nervous and, moreover, they cannot fall asleep. So do not be surprised that instead of sleeping, he will have crying crises.

6. He is afraid of being alone
There are two categories of children: in the first category there are children with toys and objects that attract their attention, while in the second category those who feel the permanent need to be held in arms, surrounded by affection and protection.

You will say that babies in the second category are very spoiled. It is not true, they feel a greater need for attention because they fear to be alone.

7. Too much agitation
If the baby is in an environment with too much agitation, where it is passed from one person to another, is fed without being hungry, or even changed by diapers without needing, the baby feels overworked and tired.

8. Has a physical discomfort
When he is small, the child is very sensitive to any touch so it is very possible that one of the reasons he cries is even his own clothes. Make sure that his clothes are always made of cotton and the label is soft so that it doesn’t scratch his skin.

Reasons why babies cry