6 Common mistakes when using a vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner helps us quickly solve the problem of cleaning, but if we want to work effectively, we should know not just what we should do, but also what we shouldn’t do. Here are six common mistakes when we use the vacuum cleaner.

1) We don’t vacuum in both directions

If we only vacuum in one direction, we will not remove all the dust. Dust can hide between the fibers of the carpet so, the two-way vacuum method will provide a more effective cleaning.

2) We leave the dust bag to fill

A vacuum cleaner works at full capacity until the dust bag is half filled. After this point, the suction power decreases even to 50%. The bag should be checked and changed after is half full.

3) We vacuuming too fast

If we hurry with vacuuming, we leave a lot of dust behind. Instead of putting the vacuuming very fast, it’s more effective to let the brush slowly slide over the carpet. Dust and dirt will be removed from the fiber by the brush, and the vacuum cleaner will have enough time to absorb them.

4) We use the small nozzle too rarely

The small nozzle (that accessory for narrow spaces) should be used at least twice a month for the corners of the room. Many people neglect this tool. The result is that dirt accumulated in the corners of the rooms is stratified and becomes very difficult to remove.

5) We don’t have a program for vacuuming

We shouldn’t wait until the carpets look dirty to vacuuming them. Dust and dirt can infiltrate the carpet’s wires long before we find it necessary to be vacuumed. It would be more useful to have a vacuuming program to follow, even when the carpet looks clean.

6) We wipe the dust after we vacuuming

Dust removal should always be done before we vacuuming. If you vacuuming and then you wipe de dust, the effort was in vain.

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