6 Cleaning mistakes to avoid

For many of us, cleaning the house is not exactly our favorite activity. But because we have to deal with this activity, it’s good to avoid some cleaning mistakes that will not only force us to spend more time cleaning, but also reducing our efficiency.

Start cleaning in the wrong place – No one wants to spend more time than needed for cleaning the house. So, when you take care of this task, make sure you follow some pre-established steps so you will not clean twice in the same place.

First, get rid of the objects that shouldn’t be in the room, then start from the top of the room and continue to the bottom. If you focus first on cleaning the floor and then removing dust from the chandelier or the furniture, you will find that the mess has been put down and you have to clean up again the floor.

Use special furniture products – Although we might think that beeswax products sprayed on wooden furniture protect it, things don’t really look like that. Wax, oil, solvents, perfumes are not very friendly to furniture, as they cause accumulation of residue on surfaces and, implicitly, dust. A much healthier version would be to wipe the furniture with a cloth soaked in water.

Wash the windows on a sunny day – In order to have bright windows, don’t clean them if the sun is out. The windows will heat, making the solution evaporate very quickly, leaving traces on the glass. Choose to make this activity on a cloudy day.

Spray directly on dirty surfaces – Don’t spray cleaning solutions directly on dirty areas; some surfaces are more sensitive to detergents and chemical agents in the products and should be cleaned with care. Furthermore, by spraying, some of the cleaning substances are released into the air, causing irritation among people with asthma or allergies. As a result, spray on a special cloth to clean, then wipe the dirty surfaces.

Clean stainless steel objects with circular movements – When it comes to cleaning them, stainless steel objects give us serious headaches if we don’t take into account an apparently insignificant detail. By polishing such a surface using circular movements we can finally see that although you have removed the stains, you have left traces or even have produced small scratches. To always shine, always wipe or rub in the same direction as the metal lines.

Wipe dust with a dry cloth – A dry cloth will only move dust and dirt from one place to another and scratch the surfaces. Soak it in a little water with a delicate detergent or use a microfiber cloth that will hold and clean even the smallest dust particles.

Avoid these cleaning mistakes, and this task will become much easier!

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