5 Tricks to purify the air in your home

Even if you live in a polluted city, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take action to make the air in your home cleaner. On the contrary, additional efforts should be made to ensure that your lungs are protected from pollution as much as possible. Discover five ideas to purify the air in your home.

1. Clean your home at least once a week. We will not tell you that in order to have fresh air in the house you have to clean the dust every day (although this is the truth). It is unrealistic to propose to do this so often, especially if you are a busy person. But you should never delay the weekly cleaning. The less you clean the house, the air will be dirtier.

2. Brush your pet. We love animals very much, but the truth is that they are one of the causes of a dusty and allergenic atmosphere. Nobody tells you to give up animals, but you have to be careful to brush them regularly. Use a special adhesive roller to remove animal hair from textiles and don’t forget to clean the litter or cage of your companion as often as possible to prevent unpleasant odors.

3. Buy plants that purify the air. There are several types of plants that you can buy to oxygenate the air in the house and remove impurities such as rubber tree, aloe vera or spider plant. In fact, this is one of the simplest ways to get a fresh air in the house.

4. Buy purifying filters. Because we live in the technology era, we can’t ignore one of the simplest modern solutions for a clean and fresh air in the house: purifying filters. These appliances clean the air 99% and get rid of a lot of allergens.

5. Clean the air conditioning and dehumidifier. One of the most precious solutions to purify the air is to regularly clean your air conditioner and dehumidifier. They can collect dust and mites, and when you start them, all impurities accumulated are released into the atmosphere. You need to clean the air conditioner’s filters every six months.