5 Simple Ways of How to Get Rid of Stains From Hair Dye

One of the unpleasant parts of dyeing hair at home is the remaining spots on the face, ears and hands. You need to know that there are several types of skin from is not so difficult to remove hair dye stains. Oily skin does not seem to present problems on remove the dye. Instead,  people with dry skin need some time to discover what is the best ways for removing this spots.

I suggest you some ways to remove them, but be careful  not to get too close to the areas with hair, because you may also lose the colour there.

5 Simple Ways of How to Get Rid of Stains From Hair Dye

1. Hair dye

In the shower, apply some left hair dye on the spot. Easily, rub the place, then wash it with soup or shower gel and it’s gone.

2. Toothpaste

Although it does not seem to work on every type of skin, toothpaste it is definitely a step you should try in removing hair dye stains on skin. All you have to do is to gently rub  the area, preferably with a toothpaste that contains particles and rinse with cold water.

3. Baking soda and/or lemon juice

Squeeze a lemon and use a cotton pad to apply the juice on the affected area. Rub and clean it with warm water.

Mix baking soda with warm water until becomes a pasta. Apply it on the stain and then rinse with cold water.

You and also combine the two elements. Mix then until you get a pasta and apply it on the spot. Rub and clean with warm water and it’s all done.

4. Cigarette ashes

Mix cigarette ashes  with shampoo and apply the result on the spot. Rub gently the area, the rinse.

5. Oat bran

Make a pasta of oat bran, water and sugar. This paste will work like a scrub, helping you remove the hair dye spots on your skin. Don’t  forget to moisten the area before the application.

5 Simple Ways of How to Get Rid of Stains From Hair Dye