5 Simple and Easy Summer Beauty Tips

In my opinion, to know some summer beauty tips is essential. Summer is a beautiful season, we quit wearing warm clothes, but also we expose our skin to sun. During hot season we have to take care of our skin much more than usually and it is important to know how to do that.

The scorching sun is possibly your biggest vacation hurdle. But with our simple and easy beauty tips, you can beat the heat and enjoy your time off. In this article you will find out 5 simple and easy summer beauty tips that will help you to keep your beauty safe during the hot season.

5 Simple and Easy Summer Beauty Tips

1. Wear a floppy hat

Applying sunscreen lotion may not deliver the best of the results. But popping a floppy topper will certainly cover your face and hairline from the hot sun. So, do remember to take your loose hat with you next time you head for the beach.

2. Shower before your swim

Hit the shower before you take a dive in the pool. Let your hair get soaked with fresh water because you don’t want your hair to get dry and dull with the chemically treated water. A nice shower will help your hair stay moisturised and healthy.

3. Apply primer

The summer heat can make your foundation stay on for a long time. However, application of primer will significantly help your foundation to hold on. Bottom line is that you get to reapply less frequently.

4. Simplify your shaving process

We know that shaving isn’t the most exciting experience. That’s why we suggest you change the shaving process slightly. Next time, when you go shopping, pick up a razor that has built-in shave bars. You can skip cream or gel while still moisturising your skin.

5. Pull up your socks

Your regular summer footwear can be harsh on your soles. That’s why it’s important to have your moisturising sock on your feet for about 15 minutes before you go to your bed. It will prevent aggressive scrubbing by fighting calluses.

6. Multi-task your way

When you go shopping for your cosmetics, make sure you buy double-duty products. These products will work on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. That way you’ll pack light and keep your routine hassle-free.

5 Simple and Easy Summer Beauty Tips