5 Signs that your body is full of toxins

Most of the time we don’t realize when we should stop, breathe and analyze carefully everything we feel. We wait for the moment when we really feel very bad and the body gives us desperate signals to take care of it. What if we would be paying more attention to the small signs we receive daily from our body?

Here are the most common signs that your body is full of toxins:

1. UNPLEASANT ODOR – You often wash your teeth and use mouthwash every time you take care of oral hygiene, but the bad smell doesn’t disappear? It’s caused by bacteria present in the mouth, liver or colon that can not be eliminated naturally and lead to halitosis.

2. HIGH SENSITIVITY FOR DIFFERENT SMELLS – If you suddenly become extremely sensitive to some smells, this is another sign that your liver doesn’t work properly due to toxins.

3. IRRITATING SKIN, PIMPLES AND ACNE – When the body is intoxicated, the first signs tend to appear on your skin. Your face is the place where toxins are best seen. Skin eruptions are caused by chemicals from food and toxins that you take out of the air, especially if you often go through toxic environments.

4.FATIGUE – If your fatigue doesn’t pass after the first coffee, on the contrary, it’s getting worse, it means that you develop toxins in your body.

5. SUDDENLY WEIGHT GAIN- If you tried to lose weight and any diet that you kept didn’t work, you even gained more weight, you may have hormonal problems caused by the accumulation of toxins in your body.

Toxins in your body