5 Foodstuffs Perfect for a Complete Detox

It is a fact that your beauty is altered by the high number of toxins and other harmful substances present in your body. The modern hectic lifestyle encourages us to eat low-quality food and be sedentary. Not only that your beauty is at risk, but your health will be influenced to a great extent as well, leading to a reduced performance of your internal organs and finally to disease.

However, there are several foodstuffs that can help you detoxify your body completely. Cleansing the body is an important step in avoiding unnecessary health risks. Here are 5 foodstuffs with miraculous benefits for your health and beauty:

5 Foodstuffs Perfect for a Complete Detox

1. Citrus Fruits

Their content rich in vitamin C can help you get rid of toxins and even prevent or treat cellulite. In order to fully enjoy their beneficial effects, it is highly recommended to drink a glass of citrus juice every morning, before eating breakfast – the results will certainly surprise you!

2. Coriander

Coriander is a condiment containing an impressive quantity of substances that can slow down the development of fat cells. You can easily add several leaves of coriander to salads or to different smoothies for losing weight.

3. Beet

Beet is one of your best allies in fighting shineless and aging skin, as it can positively influence your lymphatic system. Beet is an essential source of iron and betacyanin, an antioxidant with powerful proprieties on the hepatic and lymphatic system.

4. Red cabbage

Besides the impressive quantity of vitamin C, red cabbage also has anti-inflammatory proprieties due to the A and E vitamins it contains. By regulating the cortisol levels, the main cause for stress, red cabbage helps you eliminate the toxins and become young at beautiful at the same time.

5. Red alga (dulse)

Besides being extremely tasty, red alga is an elementary source of vitamins from the B complex and proteins. It can regulate the level of liquids in your body, successfully fighting against water retention which may inevitably lead to the accumulation of toxins. You can include them in your alimentation under the form of supplements. 

5 Foodstuffs Perfect for a Complete Detox