15 Minutes Experiment To Boost Your Immunity

Stress, everyday life, work, family, school or children are some of the reasons why people are increasingly tired, lifeless and feel that never have enough rest. There is a method by which you can get rid of these problems, and additionally improves your immune system. It doesn’t costs you any money and you can do it in the office or at home.

After many experiments, researchers have found a ingenious method that helps people to eliminate fatigue of the body, to refresh and improve their immune system. The method is simple and doesn’t cost money. Kinetotherapist doctor Sergei Bybnovskiy, famous for its therapies in Moscow, believes that if a person under stress put the feet in cold water for 15 minutes, after this experiment will feel more refreshed and fatigue disappears. Also, the doctor claims that can be added ice cubes in the cold water, and using this therapy the blood circulation will be much better.

In the case of sick persons, the method is more indicated. Those who suffering from various diseases is necessary to stand with feet in the water at every few hours. Repeat this process at least one time per day, and your health will be considerably better. After you have sat for 15 minutes with your feet in a bowl of ice and cold water, wipe your feet with a towel and immediately put some  thick socks. You will notice the results from the first experience of its kind.